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Hand injury compensation claims

Our hands are one of the most complex parts of the body and play a major role in our daily lives.

The hand is made up of 27 bones (including the wrist) and even minor hand injuries can stop us doing the simplest tasks. Hand injuries are very common and account for 10% of all accident and emergency visits. It is important to get even the most minor of hand injuries treated quickly as it can lead to long term problems.

Injuries to the hand are most often caused by accidents at work. This can be due to crushing or machinery accidents where your employer had not provided safety equipment or given inadequate training. For example, you could be using a machine with an unguarded blade or trying to stop a fall by putting out a hand. These accidents can cause cuts, nerve damage, fractured bones or even lead to amputations.

A hand injury should be treated quickly and carefully to enable a full recovery. This could mean you have to take time off work, lose earnings and have to pay for recovery treatment. To help ease the financial burden, it is important that you take advice on making a claim for hand injury compensation.

Typical Hand Injury Compensation Amounts

Examples of compensation amounts awarded for hand injuries:

  • Fracture of one finger - up to £1,750*
  • Severe dislocation of thumb - up to £3,000*
  • Amputation of little finger - up to £5,850*
  • Serious injury to ring or middle fingers - up to £7,750*
  • Loss of index finger - up to £9,000*
  • Loss of thumb - up to £18,500*

*Please note these figures are estimates of what is commonly awarded for similar hand injuries.

It is advisable to seek medical advice from your GP or local hospital as soon as possible following a hand injury as they will be able to recommend the best treatment for you. The records of your hand injury from your GP or Hospital are used when making your compensation claim.

If you have suffered a hand injury and it was someone else's fault, then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Our solicitors can help you make a no win no fee claim for compensation.

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