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24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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Not sure what you need? Request a callback
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Ethical Approach

At First4lawyers, we provide you with a thorough and professional service throughout the duration of your claim. As legal experts, we’re here to help deliver justice and, as such, we only have your best interests at heart. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way, whether it’s providing you with advice during the initial stages of your claim, or answering questions you might have about completing forms or understanding any correspondence regarding your case.

Customer service

We put your needs at the centre of everything we do and we’re always here to help. As part of our ethical approach, we pride ourselves on giving you the very best customer service, so you feel supported throughout your claim.

Here are some of the main factors contributing to our ethical approach:

  • We only work with experienced, reputable and fully-qualified solicitors
  • We never rush a claim, we always take as much time as is needed to get you the best results
  • We assess the eligibility of every case individually, and we’ll always give you an honest answer about whether or not you have grounds to make a claim
  • We keep the information you provide us with strictly confidential

Additionally, we promise to refer your case to a solicitor who has experience in dealing with similar claims. We want you to have the very best legal advice as you make your claim. By referring your case to experts in their field, you can be confident that your claim is in good hands and has the very best chance of reaching a successful conclusion.

Due to our impeccable customer service, 90% of our clients have given First4lawyers a five-star rating, as evidenced by our many testimonials from satisfied former clients.

How our solicitors work

We have a number of solicitors working with us whom we select for their practiced knowledge and experience of working on a variety of personal injury cases. All solicitors must be fully qualified and have the right credentials in order to be eligible to work with us. Before they join our panel, solicitors will have to go through a rigorous test involving a 36-point service level agreement. It involves:

  • Explaining things in plain English, rather than using legal terminology
  • Working at a time to suit your needs
  • Getting in touch with you as soon as possible
  • Ensuring that you can cover the costs of your legal claim by offering you a No Win No Fee agreement. First4lawyers will never encourage its customers to take out a personal loan or pay interest to cover legal fees
  • Making home visits, where necessary

As we pre-screen all the solicitors who work with us, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting the best possible service. We only believe in getting our customers expert legal help, which is why we have a rigorous screening process and strict standards of service in place.

Compensation Laws

Since a change in government legislation in April 2013, all claims management firms are strictly regulated and should not receive any more than 25% of compensation awarded to their clients in the form of legal fees. As part of our ethical approach, we uphold and adhere to this legislation at all times.

How does No Win No Fee affect you?

Our No Win No Fee guarantee means that if your claim is not successful, you won’t have to pay us a penny for your legal fees. At First4lawyers, we don’t believe that accident victims should be out of pocket for pursuing justice.

Data protection

Keeping all information about you and your claim confidential is of the greatest importance to us, which is why we won’t:

  • Send your data to any third party without your prior permission to do so
  • Ask you for any information you aren’t comfortable in sharing with us
  • Pass your details to marketing companies, without your consent

We’re also fully aware of fraudsters who use the First4lawyers name in order to extract money from you. These scams are often conducted via email and may tell the recipient that they need to appear in court. These emails might also have attachments which contain viruses or other malicious software.

While you’re working with First4lawyers, you’ll only ever receive emails from people you’ve spoken to before. To avoid getting caught out by fraudulent emails, we recommend only opening emails from First4lawyers if the sender is from a name you recognise and if the email addresses you by name.

Spam marketing

First4lawyers opposes all forms of spam marketing and does not engage in any marketing activity that is affiliated with spam marketing tactics, such as:

  • Purchase data leads
  • Cold call, text or email potential customers
  • Canvass for claims
  • Sell your data on to any interested party
  • Share your details with unauthorised third parties
  • Offer cash incentives for choosing us

We recognise that unwanted, bothersome and intrusive marketing can be incredibly distressing, so we pride ourselves on being an industry leader of ethical marketing practices.

Unsolicited marketing activity

The Claims Management Regulator along with the Ministry of Justice ensures that no claims management firm practices spam or unsolicited marketing of any sort. If you have experienced any problems of this nature, you should:

  • Send the content of the message received to us via email at [email protected] and we will forward it to the relevant regulatory body
  • Do not open any attachments within emails without scanning them for viruses first
  • Report any suspicious activity to the Claims Management Regulator here