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FAQs: injury, accident and medical negligence

At First4Lawyers, we understand that life after an accident can be stressful, especially if you’re recovering from an illness or injury, which may have seriously impacted your overall enjoyment of life. While your primary focus is to recover and get your life back on track, we believe it’s only right that those responsible for causing you harm should compensate you for your injuries.

We understand that taking legal action can be a complex and intimidating process and it’s understandable that you’ll have any number of questions about the compensation claims process, which is why we have a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. Our FAQs cover every topic from how you start your claim to the types of injuries and illnesses that you can claim for.

Here you’ll find the answers to any questions you may have about:

We have everything you need to know about making a claim for the first time. If there’s anything we haven’t covered, or if you have any further questions about making a claim, then you can contact us by phone. We promise to give you a straightforward answer and we’ll always explain anything you’re unsure about. We aim to make the claims process as simple and stress-free as possible, so all you need to worry about is making a full recovery.

Popular topics

  • Can I call you for free advice?

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    Yes, our team of experts are more than happy to help you and will answer any questions you may have regarding your claim. Even if you’re unsure whether or not you’re eligible to make a claim, our advisors are on hand to discuss the details of your accident and will advise you on what your next step should be.

    We understand how disruptive an injury can be to your life, and that after an accident, life can be very stressful. It’s more than likely that you’ll have a few questions about what to do and whether you have cause to make claim for compensation, which could help with medical expenses or lost earnings.

    You can call us on our Freephone number for advice and ask us any questions you may have about your accident or the process for making a compensation claim. We’ll take some basic details from you and we’ll always give you our honest opinion on whether or not it’s possible for you to make a claim.

  • Are you a claims management company?

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    First4lawyers started out as a claims management company – and we still offer advice and guidance to those who seek compensation following an accident or who have sustained injuries as a result of another’s negligent actions. However, we also have experts who cover many areas of both personal law and business law as well.

    We’ve been managing claims for several years now and we believe that everyone should have access to expert help and advice, if they wish to make a claim. Our advisors will assess the details of your situation and give you honest advice on whether or not you have a case.

    If we believe you have a case for making a claim, we will refer you to the solicitors we feel are most experienced in dealing with cases like yours. You can then choose the solicitor you feel most comfortable with, who will then work on your case with you to make your claim.

    We understand how stressful life can be following an accident, how much disruption it can cause to your work and home life, as well as your general enjoyment of life. We believe that you should have all the help you need to claim the compensation you deserve.

    Over the years, we’ve dealt with thousands of compensation claims. We work with a panel of independent and fully-qualified solicitors, who pay for our costs so you don’t have to pay a single penny for using our service. We’re here to help you get the right advice and guidance for taking legal action against those responsible for your accident.

    Making a claim - how does it work?

  • Can I make a claim online?

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    When completing the form, you’ll need to describe the type of accident you’ve been involved in, for example: road traffic accident, slip, trip or fall, medical negligence etc. (you can select the appropriate option from a drop down menu).

    You should also write a brief description of your accident, including details on what happened and when, if you were injured in the accident and what your injuries were. This helps us to understand the nature of your accident, so that one of our experts will be able to advise you on your next steps.

    We’ll also need a few contact details, including your full name, telephone number as well as an alternative telephone number (in case we’re unable to reach you). You can also include your email address, if you’d prefer us to email you with further details.

    You can also let us know what time it’s best for us to call you back. We understand that it’s not always a convenient time for you to talk us through your accident, so we’ll aim to call you at a prearranged time that suits you.

    Making a claim online will help to save you time and will ensure that you receive a phone call back from us as soon as possible. During the call, we will ask you a few questions about your accident and advise you if you’re eligible to make a claim, and if so, what you can do next.

    Go to our online claim form to start the process.

  • How do I know if I can make a claim?

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    It’s understandable if you’re not sure if you have cause for a claim, which is why we’re here to help. If you’ve had an accident and you’re not sure if you’re eligible to claim, then call us on Freephone and speak to one of our specialist advisors. We will give you free advice regarding your case and advise you on the potential of your claim, without obligation.

    We believe in working honestly and with integrity – we don’t believe in raising expectations and we don’t encourage false claims.

    To be eligible to make a compensation claim, there are five conditions that your case will need to meet:

    1. If you are aged 18 or over, your accident must have taken place during the last three years. Please note: different rules apply to industrial disease, medical negligence and criminal injury claims, but we will advise accordingly in each of these cases.
    2. You must be able to show that the person or organisation you are making a claim against was at fault for the cause of your accident.
    3. You must be able to show that you have received medical assistance with your injury as a result of the accident.
    4. The injury you have sustained as a result of the accident would be cause to reach a level of £1,000 in compensation or more. Speak to one of our advisors about the amount you’re likely to claim, or alternatively, use our compensation guide to estimate the amount you could be entitled to.
    5. The person or organisation you believe is responsible for your injury must have the means available in order to pay your compensation, either via insurers or by other means.

    If you have any questions, or are unsure if your case meets these requirements, our team of experts are on hand to help you throughout the process.

  • How long will the claim take?

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    Starting your claim is not a lengthy process at all. You can start your claim today, either by contacting one of our expert advisors on 0800 567 7866 from your landline or 0333 577 8866 from your mobile or by completing our online claim form. The quickest way to start your claim is to complete our online form, as we can refer your case to the relevant expert, who will give you a call back to discuss your case in more detail.

    Your claim can start following a conversation with us, when we’ll chat to you about the circumstances of your accident or injury – we’ll give you an honest assessment and advise if you’re able to make a claim for compensation.

    The initial stage of making your claim takes next to no time and once we’ve assessed the details of your case, we’ll refer you to our solicitors who will act on your behalf. You’ll then enter into a conditional fee agreement with your solicitor and they will begin investigating your accident.

    How long will the claim process take?

    The length of time it will take to make your claim very much depends on the case itself. Every case is different, so it’s very difficult to say at the early stages of your claim how long the process is likely to take.

    Because we deal with multiple different types of claims, from medical negligence to whiplash injuries, there are many different factors which contribute to the length of each and every claim. In many cases, the duration of a claim will depend on the extent of your injuries or the type of injury or illness you’ve sustained.

    As an example, a claim for a minor whiplash injury could be completed in about six months but more complex cases, such as claims involving a trip, slip or fall, may take over a year to be concluded.

    In addition, the process could be prolonged if the defendant disputes your claim, whereby one of our specialist solicitors will act on your behalf. Other cases may require medical evidence, which could also delay or prolong the process.

    Once your solicitor has completed their initial investigations into your case, they will be in a better position to advise you on approximately how long the process is likely to take.

    Whatever the circumstances and regardless of the type of claim you are making, you can be safe in the knowledge that your case is in the hands of our experts. We pride ourselves on only working with the best solicitors, who have an excellent reputation for bringing claims to the right conclusion as quickly as possible.

    How long do I have to make a claim?

    There are certain time limits and restrictions around taking legal action for personal injury and other types of compensation claims, so it’s important to act as soon as possible. The time limit for a making a personal injury claim is three years, so you may still be eligible to make a claim even if your accident took place a while ago.

    The majority of personal injury claims are due to negligence which must adhere to the three year time limit. This means that in order to make a claim for compensation, you must have taken legal action within three years of the accident taking place.

    For compensation claims regarding medical negligence or industrial disease, the three year time limit can be extended. This is because these types of cases are likely to be more complex and require medical reports and evidence.

  • Can I claim against a family member?

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    We understand that making a claim through a family member’s insurance is a difficult position to be in, but with the help of our solicitors, we promise to make the whole process as painless as possible. How it works is that, if you need to claim through a relative’s insurance to help pay for the costs of your injuries, we will be there to help you throughout the negotiation stage.

    This can often arise when making whiplash claims, where a family member was driving and could be held responsible for your injuries.

    Claiming against relatives may seem unthinkable in any circumstance, but if you have suffered an injury that has prevented you from working or just generally hindered your enjoyment of life, you’re entitled to claim compensation.

    With our help, you can make a claim against a family member without being inconsiderate. We will do our very best to ensure that you come out with the appropriate level of compensation, without causing friction between you and your relatives.

    At the end of the claiming process, we aim to conclude the matter in a civilised manner, ensuring that there is no fallout. Most claims against family members are no different from claims against people you’ve never met before, so little will change.

  • Can you take over an existing case?

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    It is important that you find the right solicitor for you and your individual needs. You need to be comfortable that they have the right experience and expertise to get you the right outcome for your claim.

    As such you are entitled to a cooling off period where you can change your mind about which solicitor you work with. If you’re in the early stages of your case, and you have not sent off any signed paperwork to your solicitor, then we can take your case on.

    Don’t settle for the wrong solicitor look for one that will:

    1. Keep in contact and let you know how your case is progressing
    2. Speak to you in plain English without any of the legal jargon
    3. Fight for the best possible amount of compensation
    4. Progress your case as quickly as possible
    5. Understand your personal circumstances and what you are looking to achieve from your claim

    Here is how it works:

    Simply give us a call to let us know you want First4lawyers to take over your case.
    We will review your situation for free to see if and how we can help you.
    We’ll then do all the work needed to progress your claim accordingly.
    Whatever the reason may be for changing solicitors, we’ll pick up the pieces and do our best to turn the fortunes of your claim for compensation around.

    We promise to make changing solicitors a simple process that ultimately benefits you. If you have any questions about the process, give one of our advisors a call on 0800 567 7866 from your landline or 0333 577 8866 from your mobile.

  • Can I claim for losses other than personal injury?

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    An injury as a result of an accident can cause major disruption to someone’s life. Not only do you have to deal with the pain of the injury, you’ll also have medical appointments and rehabilitation to nurse you back to health. The compensation you are awarded following a successful claim can help to cover the cost of prescriptions, treatment and other medical expenses you may have incurred during your recovery.

    Additionally, you could be reimbursed for any taxi fares, if your injury has stopped you from driving. If your injury has prevented you from working, you may have lost a significant amount of your earnings, which could also be claimed for you.

    Personal injuries can cause a lot of damage and disruption, affecting your work, life and general wellbeing. The compensation you could receive by making a claim may help to reimburse you for lost earnings and additional expenditure, so all you need to do is focus on making a full recovery.

  • Do I have to attend a medical?

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    Yes, you will need to have a medical examination in order to make your claim. The first part of your claim will be assessed by one of our personal injury experts. Initially, we will discuss the details of your case, and if we are able to assist you in making a claim, we will refer you to one of our solicitors, who will act on your behalf.

    If the defendant has accepted responsibility for your accident, then your solicitor will arrange a medical examination; this is so that your injury can be assessed by an unbiased and qualified medical professional.

    Your solicitor will arrange this with an independent doctor, at a time that suits you. We will always find a doctor close to where you live, so you won’t need to make special arrangements or long-distance journeys to have your injury assessed.

    Following your medical examination, a medical report will be provided to the solicitor working with you, enabling them to assess the value of your claim.

  • Our solicitors

  • How do you select your solicitors?

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    We work with an extensive panel of impartial and fully-qualified solicitors. At First4lawyers, we make sure you get the very best help available, which is why we screen all solicitors working with us by checking their credentials and qualifications and ensuring that they are in good standing with the Law Society.

    We pride ourselves on our Standards of Service, and as such, every solicitor on our panel must abide by our high standards. In addition, we ask every solicitor we work with to provide two referees as part of the screening process for joining our panel.

    It’s important to us to make your claims process as easy and accessible as possible. To ensure that the solicitor working on your case is local to you, we have a large range of solicitors who work with us throughout the country.

    Above all else, we make it a priority that the solicitor working on your case has the relevant expertise to make your claim, so you can be rest assured that your claim is in safe hands at all times.

  • Do you give me a choice of solicitors?

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    All of our solicitors must adhere to our strict standards of service and we only work with solicitors who have the best knowledge and expertise to work on cases like yours, which is why we’re confident that if you work with one of our solicitors, you’ll be in the very best hands. All the solicitors on our panel comply with the appropriate Introduction and Referral Codes of The Law Society.

    You don’t have to choose a solicitor from our service. You’re free to find a different solicitor to work with once you’ve made your , but if you do choose one of the solicitors from our panel, then we can refer your case straight away.

    Not sure where to start? Find out everything you need to know about choosing an injury or accident lawyer.

  • Can I use my own solicitor?

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    When you get in touch with us regarding your claim, we’ll recommend a number of fully-qualified solicitors from our pre-screened panel that have the most experience in working on cases like yours. Alternatively, you can contact a solicitor of your own choosing, who you’d like to act on your behalf.

    We want you to get the best possible legal help while you’re making your claim, which is why we select the solicitors with the most relevant knowledge and experience for each individual case.

    The details of your case together with your personal preferences are matched with the solicitors we feel can best represent you when making your claim. You will then have the option to choose which solicitor you work with. As we only work with solicitors who are the best at what they do, you can be safe in the knowledge that whoever you choose from our panel, your case is in good hands.

    We ensure that any solicitors we work with are in good standing with the Law Society, and above all else, are attentive to your needs throughout the claim process.

    Need more information? Our guide on how to choose an injury or accident lawyer should help walk you through the process.