Accident at Work Cases

£3,500 for manual handling injury

Slipped disc

Published, October 01, 2018

Mr Williams was made to lift metal plates that were far too heavy for manual movement. 

He had not been provided with any training on manual handling, and it was a job that should have been done using lifting equipment.

As he lifted the plates, Mr Williams felt a sharp pain in his back and realised he had been injured.

He had slipped disc sciatica which caused him a lot of pain.

He called Frist4Lawyers after an online search.  We put him in touch with a solicitor who not only helped get him the compensation he deserved, but also with advance payments and access to a chiropracter.

Mr Williams said: "[They were] perfect.  It went as they said it would with no hiccups. I would recommend them to family and friends."