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£1,450 compensation for Philip


Published, June 27, 2018

Philip was travelling as a passenger in a vehicle, expecting a normal journey.

However, it turned out to be anything but. The vehicle he was in was involved in a road traffic accident and hit the car in front of it.

As if the shock of the accident wasn’t enough, Philip was then diagnosed with whiplash. This was the last thing he needed as he wasn’t able to take any time off work. With no one else able to support his family, Philip had no choice but to keep working.

Despite the pain he was in as a result of his injury, Philip continued working. This only caused the healing process to slow down significantly.

He was watching TV one day, still struggling with the pain caused by whiplash. He saw an advert for our services and decided to get in touch to find out whether he could obtain any justice for his injury.

During our chat, we were able to establish that Philip likely had a strong claim for compensation. We then put him in touch with one of our specialist road traffic accident solicitors.

Philip’s solicitor was able to win £1,450 in compensation for him, as well as help him with his recovery.

Explaining how he found his experience with First4Lawyers, Philip said: “I was really impressed with First4Lawyers. Their solicitors helped me get physio for my injuries, and they kept me informed throughout.”

If you’ve suffered an injury in a road traffic accident while you were a passenger, like Philip, you could claim compensation. Just give us a call on the number at the top of the screen or click here to start your claim.