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Industrial Disease

Any illness picked up through working long hours for several years which lasts for a long period is usually classed as ‘industrial disease’. See if you have reason to make an industrial disease claim.

“Friendly, professional and most importantly they make me feel that they are 100% fighting for me. I feel as though I have been talking to a friend when I have spoken to anyone and I've never felt intimidated or made to feel stupid if I've asked what to them is probably an obvious question.”

- Mrs B, Newcastle

What we can do for you

First4lawyers are the first choice when it comes to helping people who have suffered from an industrial accident. We will:

  • Help you claim for substantial compensation

  • Recover all costs incurred from your industrial accident case

  • Work for you on a No win no fee basis

  • Take the stress out of making a claim, leaving you with nothing to worry about

What do you need to know about Industrial Disease claims?

What types of expenses can I claim for?

You could claim for lost income, medical bills, prescription medicine such as painkillers and anything else you needed to pay for such as modifications made to your home.

Do I have to attend a medical?

Yes, but this will take place close to home so any travelling involved is minimised. It will be arranged by your solicitor and will be performed by an independent doctor.

Why First4Lawyers?

  • Each year we help thousands of people make claims for situations they haven’t caused.

  • We have been awarded Claims Management Firm of the Year for two years running.

  • We work with a carefully selected panel of specialists chosen for their expertise in Industrial Accident cases.

  • UK’s largest independent claims management business

Have you suffered from Industrial Disease

A road traffic accident is where two or more vehicles are involved in a collision. They’re usually caused by things such as reckless driving and poor weather conditions. If you have been in one that wasn’t your fault, you could claim compensation.

The most common claims for Industrial Disease include:


This can occur in old factories and warehouses where asbestos hasn’t been removed, potentially causing breathing problems.

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Industrial deafness can be caused from using loud machinery without use of some sort of protective equipment

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This often happens through working with chemical substances without wearing appropriate safety gear.

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Hand Arm Vibration

This can happen through using heavy machinery repetitively for a number of years and often lasts a lifetime

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Can you make a claim?


Filling in a claim form online


Speaking to one of our solicitors about your case


The solicitor sending a letter to the defendant and waiting for their reply

“First point of contact with First4lawyers was the call agent, who was very understanding and professional in handling my call, and put me at ease. He explained what would happen and made sure I understood the procedure. I felt pleased I made the decision of phoning First4lawyers.”

The facts about industrial disease

The facts about industrial disease

People claimed either Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit or Reduced Earnings Allowance, in the last 3 months of 2013

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Donna Henshaw

Expert in Claims Procedure First4Lawyers

“Donna has a First Class Law degree from Sheffield Hallam University and has used her qualification to expand her legal knowledge. She works on a number of claims, each of them complex, but she’s willing to work hard on every one to achieve the best result for her clients."

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Andrew Cullwick

Senior Marketing Professional First4Lawyers

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