Preparing Your Home for Sale

When you’re ready to sell your home, you’ll usually have to do a little work to make sure it’s in the best shape possible. This can help reduce the length of time it sits on the market and get you the best price.

Some tasks on your sale preparation list will be common sense – like keeping the house tidy and fixing any problems – while you might not have immediately considered others.

Here are our top tips for preparing your home for sale.

  • Boost kerb appeal

Making a good first impression is vital. Buyers will see the outside of your property before the see inside, so make sure everything outside is maintained and in good condition – think about cleaning your windows and drive, painting the front door and ensuring your wheelie bins are tidy.

  • Clean and declutter

Make sure the whole property is as clean and tidy as possible. Everything should be in its place and surfaces should be glistening. The less clutter in your house, the bigger it will appear. If you have a lot of belongings, you could consider putting them in storage while viewings take place.

  • Consider new appliances

If your kitchen is a little dated, you could think about installing new appliances. This can give it a more modern look, as well as increase your home’s energy rating – something a lot of buyers will be taking into account.

  • Do your DIY

Your house needs to be well maintained. Make sure you repair anything that’s broken or not working properly, whether it’s cupboard door handles, curtain rails or leaking taps. Look at every room – and outside – and make a list of what needs fixing.

  • Enhance the lighting

Buyers will usually be looking for a home with plenty of light. If yours isn’t blessed with a great deal of natural light, think about how you could brighten the rooms up. You might also want to consider limiting your viewing appointments to when you get the best sunlight.

  • Get planning permission

If you think it’ll be possible, you could get the planning permission for property enhancements, such as an extension. This will show prospective buyers the home’s potential and that it’s possible to achieve what they might want to turn it into their ideal home.

  • Invest in renewable energy

The world is getting increasingly concerned about the environment and natural resources. If you can, consider investing in solar panels or other ways of harnessing renewable energy for your home. Look into any government schemes available to boost your home’s efficiency.

  • Keep it impersonal

It can help to remove any personal features of your home. A buyer will be more likely to want to make an offer if they can see themselves living there. Taking down your family photos, kids’ art and trophies will help them visualise what the house will look like with their personal effects in it.

  • Stay unemotional

It’s important not to get sentimental about your home. It may be difficult, but you need to remember that you’re selling for a reason. Don’t get too attached to your colour schemes or decor themes – what buyers want is more important.

  • Use your garden

If you have one, a garden is a huge selling point. Make sure it’s well maintained and tidy. If it has some colour, that’s even better. Since lockdown started, buyers have been looking for garden access, so yours could be a real weapon in your arsenal.

Think carefully before deciding on improvements and consult with an estate agent, who’ll be able to let you know what to prioritise when putting your house up for sale.

It won’t always make financial sense to start major renovation projects before selling. The investment required for some of the changes you might consider will need to be weighed up against the potential return. For example, paying £6,000 for solar panels to only increase your home’s value by £2,000 isn’t a good use of funds. It could be better spent on your new home.

When it’s time to sell your home and buy a new one, you’ll need a qualified and experienced conveyancing team behind you. Get in touch to find out how First4Lawyers can help make the process simpler.


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