Industrial Disease

Any illness picked up through working long hours for several years which lasts for a long period is usually classed as 'industrial disease'. This could qualify you for an industrial disease claim.


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What is industrial disease?

Similar to accidents at work, industrial disease is when you fall ill because of things you've had to do at work.

Industrial illness can develop when you haven't been provided with the right equipment or allowed to follow the proper practices, or if you've been exposed to harmful substances or chemicals.

Some types of industrial disease can last a lifetime severely impact on your quality of life. That's where we can help.

Do you offer No Win No Fee?

Yes. Life-changing injuries fall within personal injury and medical negligence. These are classed as civil cases (ie. no criminal charges involved) and so are covered by No Win No Fee in England and Wales.

There are different rules for personal injury and medical negligence in Scotland. You can use No Win No Fee agreements for personal injury claims, but not all medical negligence claims will qualify. In Northern Ireland, the rules around No Win No Fee are different so your solicitor will be able to discuss this with you and will answer any further questions you have.

Only pay a fee if you receive compensation

Our No Win No Fee solicitors will take a success fee from the compensation you are awarded for a successful claim in the form of a percentage of your damages. This could be up to 25% but it won't be more than that, except in cases of road traffic accidents and housing disrepair. Changing laws mean our solicitors will now take a payment of 35% of the final compensation amount plus VAT for all road traffic accident and housing disrepair claims.

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What is an industrial disease?

If your workplace has caused you to be ill, you may have an industrial disease claim. (Duration - 2:08)

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Is there a time limit for an industrial disease claim?

Although personal injury claims should usually be made within three years, industrial disease is different.

Symptoms can take months or years to emerge, so generally the time limit starts from the date of knowledge, such as when you receive a diagnosis.

Cases vary greatly, depending on the illness and the circumstances, so please get in touch with us and we can tailor the advice to your specific circumstances.

How much compensation can I claim?

The amount of compensation you are entitled to depends on your illness and how severe it is. For an idea of what you could receive, visit our compensation calculator or take a look at our table below:

Industrial Illness



Possible Amount



Often fatal within months of diagnosis

£63,650 to £114,460



Progressive symptoms of breathlessness caused by reducing lung function

£35,500 to £105,850

Lung Cancer


Most often fatal, lung function is reduced and life expectancy significantly reduced

£70,030 to £97,330

Hearing Loss

Total Deafness

Sometimes accompanied by speechlessness and tinnitus

£90,750 to £109,650

Hearing Loss


Mild tinnitus only or mild hearing loss only

Around £11,720

Hearing Loss


Slight tinnitus only or slight hearing loss only

Up to £7,010

Vibration White Finger

Most Serious

Persisting symptoms in a younger person, affecting daily life and employment

£31,640 to £38,430

Vibration White Finger


Occasional symptoms in a few fingers with slight effect on work or life

£2,990 to £8,640


Most Severe

Cracking and soreness on both hands, affecting employment and home life, sometimes lasting indefinitely

£13,740 to £19,200


Least Severe

Itching, irritation or rashes on one or both hands, resolving in a few months

£1,710 to £3,950

Cold Injuries

Less Serious

Resulting in intermittent discomfort or pain in cold conditions

Around £15,000

Does my working environment affect my ability to claim?

The type of environment you work in shouldn’t affect your ability to claim, but it may affect the types of claim that can be brought forward.

For instance, certain circumstances causing injury may not be avoidable as part of the role, meaning your employers may not be liable.

It’s essential that you seek expert legal guidance before starting a claim, or you could end up out of pocket.

Our expert injury solicitors understand the law, and can find out if you have a basis for a claim – no matter what workplace you work in.


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