Pay bonus disputes

Working hard for a bonus that was promised to you by your employer, but was not paid, is a frustrating experience.

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We understand the importance of bonuses and commission payment in the lives of people, regardless of their overall financial circumstances, and we work hard to ensure that anyone who is owed a bonus or commission receives the payment they are due.

What are bonus disputes?

A bonus dispute occurs when you make a complaint about the non-payment of a bonus or commission that was included in the contract given to you by your employer.

However, you might be able to start a bonus dispute even if an agreement about performance-related pay was not included in your contract.

For example, you might have been working for your employer for a year when they introduced a new bonus payment scheme. If you were told about the scheme but didn’t receive an updated contract, you may still be able to lean on the law to help right any wrongs.

Bonus disputes also apply to all kinds of performance-related pay – the main ones being short-term payments such as sales commission, and long-term schemes such as company shares.

I wish to raise a dispute about my pay bonus – what should I do?

If you are owed a bonus or a commission and your employer fails to pay it, there are a number of options available to you.

In the first instance, where possible, it can be helpful to discuss the matter with your employer to find out if they have made an error that can be rectified.

You will be expected to have attempted this step before undertaking any formal procedures, but you may have a good reason for not speaking to your employer, and this will be taken into account during the pursuit of your claim.

If you do get the opportunity to speak to your employer but they don’t agree to resolve the issue, ask them to provide a written explanation of their decision regarding your pay.

Also, make sure that you gather any letters, notes, or emails that might be relevant to your dispute.

You may be able to make a complaint if your non-payment constitutes a breach of your contract of employment.

This is covered legally under the offence of unlawful deductions from wages.

If you have been denied your full bonus or commission because of discrimination in your organisation, then you may be able to press a criminal case against your employer for unlawful discrimination.

And even if your bonus isn’t mentioned in your contract you should still inquire about legal help as it still might be within reach to build a case.

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