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POSTED: 23rd May 2014

How much can soap stars claim?

Category: News

Living in a soap opera has never been an easy ride, but none more so than today. Not only is there a good chance that you live a fairly downtrodden existence filled with daily misery and woe, but you’re far more likely to be involved in a serious accident, or worse still – murdered! Did […]

POSTED: 17th February 2014

Stay safe on the road in the wind

Bad weather driving
Category: News

FACT: Bad weather causes accidents. Whether it is snow, floods, fog or strong winds then it is always wise to avoid driving wherever possible in extreme weather. Accident claims specialists First4lawyers have produced a short guide to make essential journeys safe journeys:

POSTED: 17th February 2014

Surge in weather related injuries expected as ‘red weather warning’ issued

Category: News

Falling trees, toppled signs, flying debris, trips and slips are set to drive an increase in personal injury claims as 100 mph storms batter Britain, warn personal injury specialists First4lawyers.

POSTED: 30th December 2013

NHS on shaky ground as breast cancer scandal uncovered

botched surgey small
Category: Medical Negligence

The NHS were at the centre of another storm this week as it was revealed hundreds of women’s lives had been left with an increased chance of breast cancer due to their negligence. The Telegraph reported the scandal came about after “weak, indecisive and secretive” hospital bosses covered up a catalogue of errors made by […]

POSTED: 20th December 2013

Mothers are neglected by NHS before, during and after childbirth

Category: Medical Negligence

Last week three reports emerged revealing the shocking truth of the dire state of care and cleanliness of hospitals, maternity units and GPs’ surgeries. The Daily Mail reported that, amongst the shocking revelations, the most alarming news was regarding the amount of new mothers who were, in some cases, entirely neglected by their midwives. New […]

POSTED: 19th December 2013

Retired company-CEO donates millions from lottery winnings to cancer charity

Category: News

After 33 years of marriage, Canadian former CEO of multi-million dollar company EECOL Electric, Tom Crist lost his wife at the young age of just 57 to an aggressive form of cancer. Following this difficult time, Crist has, according to the Daily Mail, donated a huge amount of money to cancer charities in her honour. […]

POSTED: 13th December 2013

How dangerous is visiting your doctor?


For the first time in UK history a nationwide inspection of GP surgeries has taken place, and the findings are shocking. The Care Quality Commission visited more than 900 surgeries over the last few months, with more than a third of those subjected to the spot checks failing on at least one count. Patients may […]

POSTED: 2nd December 2013

First4Lawyers survey results


Following the onslaught of stories reported by national newspapers every day, we at First4Lawyers conducted a nationwide survey of the United Kingdom to discover what its citizens truly think about our National Health Service. With over 500 participants, we have been given a true insight into the thoughts and opinions of the nation, with many […]

POSTED: 31st October 2013

Review calls for overhaul of NHS complaints system

Category: Medical Negligence | News

A government commissioned enquiry lead by Labour’s Ann Clwyd has reportedly called for a major overhaul, according to the BBC. By producing both a step-by-step plan and collecting real-life patient experiences, the report has given the NHS a 12-month period in which to totally redesign the complaints system. Sparked by the confusion, fear and neglect […]

POSTED: 25th October 2013

Are GPs prescribing too many antibiotics?

Category: News

GPs all over Europe are overprescribing antibiotics due to a false belief that patients want them for all their ailments – that’s according to a study by Cardiff University. Often times, these antibiotics had little to no positive effect when it came to alleviating the problem, according to a report by the BBC. The study, […]

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