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Medical Negligence

If you have suffered preventable pain or suffering as a result of substandard medical care, there is a possibility that you could have a case for compensation.

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What we can do for you

First4lawyers are the first choice when it comes to helping people who have suffered from medical negligence. We will:

  • Help you claim for substantial compensation

  • Recover all costs incurred from your medical negligence case

  • Work for you on a No win no fee basis

  • Take the stress out of making a claim, leaving you with nothing to worry about

What do you need to know about Medical Negligence claims?

How much can I expect to receive from a successful claim?

You could be entitled to thousands depending on the severity of your illness/injury and how well your lawyer performs during the claiming process.

Can I claim against my GP?

Yes you can. Again, it depends on the evidence you have of your GP being negligent. It’s possible to claim against them or on their insurance.

Why First4Lawyers?

  • Each year we help thousands of people make claims for situations they haven’t caused.

  • We have been awarded Claims Management Firm of the Year for the last two years.

  • We work with a carefully selected panel of specialists chosen for their expertise in Medical Negligence cases.

  • UK’s largest independent claims management business

Have you been the victim of medical negligence?

Medical negligence is where patients are harmed because they have received poor medical care from healthcare professionals.

The most common claims for Medical Negligence include:


In some cases, this can result in unnecessary operations which can cause distress or even being diagnosed with the wrong type of cancer.

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OTHER negligence

Can come from specific ops like hip replacement injuries to certain parts of the body or through errors made by your pharmacy.

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Spinal injury compensation

This could arise after failure in early detection or from a botched operation.

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Hip replacement claims

Faulty hip replacements are rare, but they can cause serious damage to other parts of the body.

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Care home negligence

In negligent care homes, all manner of things can happen such as a lack of care for patients, unsanitary living conditions and a lack of treatment, all of which can cause serious injury or illness.

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Laser eye corrective surgery

This can be pretty difficult to get wrong, but botched surgery can cause permanent damage to a patient’s eyesight.

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Obstetrics and gynaecology

Concerning pregnancy, anything that goes wrong for either such as failed sterilisation and misreading of scans could impact on the mother as well as the child.

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Fatal negligence

This is where any form of medical negligence results in death. It often involves failed diagnosis of fatal illnesses, under/over-prescription of medication or birthing errors.

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Pharmacy error compensation

This arises when a pharmacy prescribes the wrong medicine for people with long-term health conditions like asthma.

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Can you make a claim?


First contact us by phone, post or email


Then, one of our medical negligence specialists will discuss your claim in-depth and will advise you every step of the way


Finally, we will help to process your claim by sending a letter to the solicitor and from there you can begin to claim

“Very professional, helpful, and would recommend they are the first injury lawyers to ring. Definitely a company to which I'll return in the case of another accident.”

– J.K, Gosport

The facts about medical negligence

The facts about medical negligence

Claims made in the 12 months to end of March 2014
(Source: Claims regulation unit)

The facts about medical negligence

Was expected to be paid out by the NHS last year due to medical negligence cases
(Source: The Daily Mail)

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