Medical Negligence Cases

Justin received £15,000

Broken wrist

Published, June 27, 2018

Justin was told that his wrist was not broken when he initially visited the hospital after injuring himself in 2014. However, when his pain continued he went back to hospital and was told by a different doctor that he had in fact broken his wrist, resulting in him needing surgery.

The surgery left Justin with a three inch long scar on his hand and has meant he has to be a lot more careful with his wrist.

Following his misdiagnosis, Justin saw First4Lawyers advertised on TV and decided to give us a call. We then introduced him to a solicitor specialising in medical negligence who handled his case.  He received £15,000.

Justin says: "The experience with First4Lawyers was very professional and I didn’t have to worry about anything. I found them to be friendly and helpful and they explained all my options clearly. I would recommend them to family and friends".