Accident at Work Cases

£8,000 awarded to Ms Preston after an accident at work

Back injury

Published, July 02, 2019

While working a night shift, Ms Preston was in the kitchen area of her workplace when she slipped on a pool of water that had been left on the floor without any signs warning of the danger.

As Ms Preston explained to us, she fell and did the splits as she landed, crushing the bottom four vertebrae in her spine and compressing the nerve running to her left leg. This left her with no feeling in her left leg or her bladder.

Ms Preston had no choice but to take bedrest while her vertebrae healed and rely on her daughter to take care of her. Her injuries were so severe that she was forced to take almost five months off work. As the main wage earner for her household she became extremely worried about how to pay the bills.

Some 18 months later, she is still struggling with walking upstairs or walking for an extended period of time due to her accident at work

Ms Preston decided to call First4Lawyers after looking online for help. We were able to connect her with an expert solicitor, who took her case on in a no win no fee* capacity. Her solicitor helped her obtain the compensation she deserved for her injuries – £8,000 – after such a life-changing accident.

She said: “they were very helpful and gave me step-by-step guidance through the whole process. If I ever needed to talk and have everything explained he was there.”

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