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Miss B was awarded £2,300

Chemical burns

Published, August 29, 2018

Miss B received £2,300 after chemicals burnt her throat in a restaurant.

Miss B was out for a coffee with her friend when she realised that the drink tasted funny. She vomited shortly afterwards.

After speaking to the manager it was determined that the drinks machine had been cleaned earlier that day with chemicals and must not have been cleaned thoroughly afterwards.

These highly corrosive chemicals caused chemical burns to Miss B’s throat, blisters in her mouth, bleeding out of her mouth, and repeated vomiting.

The after effects meant that she could not keep any food down, and the incident impacted her day-to-day living and her family.

Following this distressing incident, Miss B found First4Lawyers online and decided to give us a call to get the justice she deserved. She says she found us helpful and would recommend us to her friends and family.