Slip, Trip or Fall Cases

Mr Baker received £1,500 after slipping in a supermarket

Hand and knee injuries

Published, September 23, 2018

Mr Baker was in his local supermarket, carrying out an everyday errand and not expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen.

However, it wasn’t to be a normal activity for Mr Baker.

Some rotten potato had ended up on the floor and the supermarket had not cleaned it up. Mr Baker didn’t realise it was there and slipped on it.

He was told by medical professionals after his fall that he had suffered tissue damage to his hand and knee.

While watching television one day after the accident, Mr Baker saw a First4Lawyers advert and decided to give us a call to find out if we were able to obtain justice for his supermarket accident.

During our conversation with Mr Baker, we established that he would likely have a strong case. We put him in touch with a specialist solicitor, who agreed and took his case on in a no win no fee capacity.

His solicitor went on to help him make a successful claim for £1,500.

Mr Baker described First4Lawyers as “very friendly and efficient”, adding that the solicitor he worked with offered reassurance and expertise throughout the process.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury after an accident that wasn’t your fault like Mr Baker, we can help you claim the compensation and justice you deserve.

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