Slip, Trip or Fall Cases

£1,600 compensation for Mrs S after slip injures her hand

Injured hand

Published, July 23, 2019

Mrs S was on her way to put the bins out in a shed next to her home when she slipped on a patch of moss on the pavement and fell, injuring her hand.

Even though gardeners regularly attended to the area, she had previously complained to her landlord that the area was left covered in moss. As no action was taken as a result of her complaint, the moss was left to get worse, causing her to slip and injure her hand. 

Mrs S was left with a heavily bruised hand following the fall, and her injuries meant that she could not look after her disabled daughter, who she cares for.

She was also unable to do any household chores and had to be helped by her mother who had come to the UK the day before her accident for a holiday, which ruined their time together.

Upset and in pain, Mrs S decided to look for a lawyer online and came across First4Lawyers. She gave us a call and we were able to put her in touch with solicitors specialising in injuries from slips, trips and falls.

Her solicitor accepted Mrs S’s case on a no win no fee*, so there was nothing to pay upfront and nothing to pay if her claim was unsuccessful. They were successful, however, getting her £1,600 in compensation and helping her obtain six sessions of physiotherapy to help with her injuries.

Mrs S describes her experience with First4Lawyers as “professional, helpful and approachable” and would “definitely recommend” us to anyone who had suffered a personal injury.

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