Slip, Trip or Fall Cases

Anita was awarded £2,500

Back injury

Published, August 28, 2018

Anita was walking in the rain across a temporary bridge when she suffered her injury.

The bridge had not been painted with anti-slip paint, which made it dangerous to cross.

Because of the conditions, she slipped and fell backwards, injuring her coccyx. It resulted in her suffering severe back, neck and shoulder pain.

The extent of Anita’s injuries meant that Anita was forced to take time off work and on her return, she was only able to take up light duties. It took six months for Anita to be able to return to full duties.

After seeing our advert on TV, Anita decided to give First4Lawyers a call. We put her in touch with a solicitor who specialises in slip, trip and fall claims. Her solicitor took on her case on a no win no fee basis, meaning Anita wouldn’t have to pay a penny if she was unsuccessful.

But Anita won her claim, securing £2,500 in compensation. Her solicitor also introduced her to a physician, who recommended some gentle exercises to help ease Anita’s pain.

She said: “My experience with First4Lawyers was good – they were in my corner. They pushed for what I wanted and were able to advise me where needed. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.”

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