Slip, Trip or Fall Cases

David received £10,000 after a fall

Broken arm

Published, September 04, 2018

David received £10,000 when he fell out of a removals van and injured his arm.

David fractured his elbow and broke the bottom part of his arm when helping to lift a mattress out of a removals van.

The van was in a messy condition and David slipped and fell out of the van on to the road.

He has still not regained full use of his left arm. He is uncomfortable when carrying items and opening doors and gets pain in his arm while he’s at work.

David saw First4Lawyers advertised on TV and gave us a call, we were able to put him in touch with specialist personal injury solicitors, who also helped him find treatment with a physiotherapist.

David says: "First4Lawyers were excellent. They were very helpful, explained everything to me very clearly and put me in touch with a solicitor straight away."