Slip, Trip or Fall Cases

Mr Fitzgerald received £4,600

Hip injury

Published, August 28, 2018

Mr Fitzgerald was awarded £4,600 when he injured his hip in a fall in a supermarket.

Mr Fitzgerald was shopping when he slipped on mayonnaise that had been spilt on the floor and had not been cleaned up. There were no signs to warn of the danger, and as a result he suffered bruising to his hip, which required cortisone injections.

Due to his discomfort, Mr Fitzgerald searched for a solicitor online and found First4Lawyers.

After speaking to our legal advisors, we were able to connect him with a specialist personal injury solicitor who got Mr Fitzgerald the compensation he deserved.

Mr Fitzgerald describes his experience as ‘very good’, saying First4Lawyers were friendly, helpful and kept him well informed throughout the progress of his claim.