Tyrion Lannister
Claim: Size Discrimination

Tyrion LannisterClaim: Size Discrimination

While simply trying to do his job, Mr Lannister reported suffering direct discrimination due to his size. He reported that reasonable adjustments were not made for him and he was repeatedly treated less favourably than others in the Small Council. Mr Lannister found his employer resistant to address his concerns and decided to take legal action.

John Snow
Claim: Updating a Will

Jon SnowClaim: Updating a Will

Mr Snow was at work when he was killed and then resurrected. The traumatic experience helped him realise that, as his circumstances had changed, he needed to update his will in case it happened again. Mr Snow needed assistance in reviewing the document so came to us for guidance. We helped find the right solicitor for him.

Daenerys Targaryen
Claim: Prenup Agreement

Daenerys TargaryenClaim: Prenup Agreement

Ms Targaryen had just begun a new relationship with someone she was very close to and wanted to ensure she could protect her assets - including a vast army, mythical creatures and a claim to the Iron Throne - in the event of a separation. Ms Targaryen decided she required a prenuptial agreement, so we found her the solicitor to help her.

Jorah Mormont
Claim: Industrial Disease (Greyscale)

Jorah MormontClaim: Industrial Disease (Greyscale)

In the course of his duties, Mr Mormont was infected with Greyscale, a typically fatal illness. Requiring a great deal of medical attention, Mr Mormont had to take time off work and was worried about paying his bills. We helped him claim enough compensation to cover his loss of earnings and the clinical trial he was subject to.

Ice Dragon
Claim: Bullying at Work

Ice DragonClaim: Bullying at Work

Mr Dragon sought help for being bullied at work when he was continuously pressured to kill people when he didn't want to. After filing a grievance and simply being ridiculed for it, Mr Dragon approached us for guidance and help. We helped him claim compensation for the emotional trauma he had suffered.

The Great Wall
Claim: A boundary dispute

King of the NorthClaim: A boundary dispute

The North had been struggling with a boundary dispute over The Great Wall for several millennia. The people of the north had engaged in several violent disagreements with the White Walkers about who had a real claim to the land. It was such an inflammatory issue, the King of the North decided that only a solicitor could help bring about a successful outcome for everyone.