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Personal injury claims - frequently asked questions

In the process of trying to get your life back on track after a personal injury, you may want to consider claiming for compensation. You can always talk to us to get answers from our legal experts, but we’ve also explained some of our FAQs below.

How do I make a personal injury claim?

Our experts can assess the details of your claim and will advise you as to whether you have a case to be compensated for your injuries. We don’t believe in encouraging false claims, so we’ll only advise you to start a claim if we believe you have grounds for doing so. If you decide to start your claim with us, our advisors will talk you through the next part of the process.

An independent panel of solicitors, selected by First4Lawyers, will determine what your claim is likely to be worth if you are successful. You’ll then enter into an agreement with your solicitor who will be acting on your behalf to make your claim. They will then file a letter of claim to the person responsible for causing your accident (the defendant).

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For more answers, take a look at our guide on how to make an accident or injury claim from start to finish.

Claiming for an injury from an assault

If you’ve been injured in a violent crime you have every right to make a claim for compensation, even if the attacker is unknown or found not guilty. This is done through the government-backed Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Incidents resulting in  your injury will need to have been reported to the police and meet certain criteria set out by the CICA.

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We can guide you through this process and explain the criteria set out by the CICA, so you can feel better prepared before you contact them.

Our ‘Can I claim compensation if I’ve been injured in an assault?’ guide explains more.

Am I entitled to make a public liability claim?

Cases for these types of claims depend on whether the accident took place because of actions, or negligence on the behalf of those responsible for the area where you had the accident.

Public liability claims are quite commonplace. However, they mainly occur as a result of poor highway maintenance, something which local councils are directly responsible for.

If you’ve sustained an injury because of an accident on public property, you could be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries. If you’ve got questions about whether or not you could be eligible to make a claim, then call one of our experts who will assess your case and give you advice on your next step.

You can also find more information on our slips, trips and falls page.

Can I claim against the council?

Local councils are responsible for the maintenance of such things as:

  • Roads
  • Pavements and sidewalks
  • Public parks
  • Libraries
  • Most schools and colleges, which aren’t privatelyrun
  • Town and city squares
  • Community centres
  • Council houses/flats

For all of the above, the council are directly responsible for ensuring that each are maintained to the highest possible standard, posing no health and safety risks whatsoever. Despite that, some errors are made either through a lack of regular upkeep or poor maintenance.

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One common example of how a local council could be deemed responsible for an accident is if someone sustained an injury after tripping over a cracked or poorly maintained pavement. In this case, the council is at fault for not keeping the pavement in good condition and causing a hazard to the public using it.

Our experts have dealt with numerous cases in which a person has been injured in a public place, which could have otherwise been avoided if it was properly maintained by the local authority.

If you’ve had an accident in a public place and are unsure if you’re eligible to claim compensation, have a chat to our experts  who will assess the circumstances of your accident and offer advice on your next steps.

You can read more information on how we can help with slips, trips and falls.

Can I still claim if my accident happened abroad?

Accidents abroad are very common and can happen to anyone. Some of the most common accidents can include things such as suffering food poisoning from the hotel restaurant, slipping on a wet floor in a hotel or tripping over on a poorly-maintained footpath.

Other scenarios you may be able to claim compensation for include: sport-related accidents from using damaged, faulty or poorly-maintained equipment, sustaining an injury during an arranged excursion and road traffic accidents (including accidents when travelling as a passenger in a car, coach or taxi).

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Making a claim for a personal injury that took place abroad can be a complicated and complex process, largely because of the difference in personal injury law between the UK and foreign countries.

Those who booked their trip with a travel agent or as part of a package holiday are more likely to be able to claim against the travel company once returning to the UK, as opposed to the services used abroad (such as a hotel or restaurant).

At First4Lawyers, we work with solicitors who are experienced in making claims for accidents that have happened abroad, for people who were either on holiday or travelling on a business trip. While some cases tend to be more complex, our panel of solicitors will assess your individual situation and suggest the right course of action to claim the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a no-obligation chat.

Need more information on making a claim? Read our guide on how to make an accident or injury claim from start to finish.

Can I still get compensation if no one was convicted?

Yes, you can still claim compensation even if the person responsible for the criminal assault isn’t convicted or brought to justice, however, you’ll need to do this through the government-backed Criminal Injuries Compensation authority (CICA).

Read our guide: ‘Can I still get compensation if no one was convicted?’ to find out more.

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