Claims map for UK injuries and accidents

Claims map UK 

Accidents happen and while most, thankfully, are not serious; there are those that leave people with injury or illness.

Thousands of people seek compensation every year for injuries and accidents that weren't their fault.

Whether it's claiming for severity of an injury, or the financial costs involved in recovery, we're here to help.

The Claims Map shows the number of claims made in each city (per 100,000 people). 

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Claims come in many forms, and for many different reasons. Whether it's for the pain and suffering of an injury, or the financial costs associated with an accident, First4Lawyers are here to help you. 

Average number of claims in the UK

* Data shows claims made per 100,000 people for each city. For each type of claim, the number of those made in each city is shown and compared to the average number of those made for each type of claim in the UK.