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What is Causation in a Medical Negligence Claim?

Reading time: 2 mins

Proving causation in medical negligence claims isn’t always straightforward. But having an experienced solicitor on your side throughout can help.

Hannah Henderson, December 07, 2023

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Diabetes: What to Do If You Haven’t Had the Right Treatment

Reading time: 4 mins

Diabetes can be made more manageable with the right support. But what can you do if you don’t get the care you need?

Hannah Henderson, July 31, 2023

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Medical Negligence Claims Time Limits: Your Guide

Reading time: 4 mins

If you’ve been injured as a result of substandard medical care, you could have a medical negligence claim. But how long do you have to start the process?

Hannah Henderson, Updated, July 14, 2023

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Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong: Making a Compensation Claim

Reading time: 4 mins

If you’ve suffered a botched tummy tuck, you could make a claim for compensation. Find out more with our expert guide.

Carrie Tennick, Updated, February 24, 2023

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How to Sue the NHS

Reading time: 4 mins

First4Lawyers has put together this guide to help you through the process of making a medical negligence claim against the NHS.

First4Lawyers, October 18, 2022

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Infections After Surgery: Can I Claim?

Reading time: 3 mins

Infections after surgery can be hugely distressing. They can range in severity from an irritation to life-threatening. If you have been made ill after contracting an infection after surgery, First4Lawyers could help you make a claim for compensation.

Carrie Tennick, January 20, 2022

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Patients' Rights: What You're Entitled To

Reading time: 3 mins

As a patient of the NHS, you have rights when it comes to your care. We’ve put together this guide so you can easily find out what your patient rights are.

Carrie Tennick, December 07, 2021

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Can I Sue My Dentist?

Reading time: 3 mins

If you’ve suffered harm as a result of their negligence, you could be able to sue your dentist. The compensation you could be entitled to could make your recovery process easier.

Carrie Tennick, September 07, 2021

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How Much Compensation Can I Claim for Medical Negligence Resulting in Death?

Reading time: 3 mins

If you've lost a loved one to medical negligence, you could be able to claim compensation. Here's what you might be entitled to.

Carrie Tennick, August 11, 2021

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