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No Win No Fee claims - frequently asked questions

No Win No Fee – otherwise known as a contingency or conditional fee agreement – allows you to make a claim for compensation without having to pay legal fees up front. 

Our FAQs give answers to No Win No Fee questions we get most often.  If you can't find your answer, get in touch, or request a callback at the top of the screen.

How does No Win No Fee work?

If you lose your case, solicitors will recover any costs from an insurance policy that they take out preceding your claim. If you win, our solicitors take a percentage of the final compensation up to 25%, and this will be discussed with you before the process begins so that there are no unexpected costs at the end.

Whats the difference between legal aid and no win no fee?

Legal aid is money paid by the government to help cover legal costs for those who can’t afford it. No Win No Fee, on the other hand, is an arrangement with your solicitor which guarantees that if your claim is not successful, you won’t have to pay for the solicitor’s work. You will only have to pay if your claim is successful; if you lose you pay nothing.

Our guide, ‘the difference between No Win No Fee and legal aid’ explains more.

How is No Win No Fee different to the legal cover I get through my insurance?

If you have an insurance policy it should cover the cost of legal fees and you may not need to take out a conditional fee (no win no fee) arrangement. However, our solicitors will assess this for you and will be able to determine whether your insurance covers the appropriate legal fees

Are there any catches to No Win No Fee?

While there are some exceptions to No Win No fee in Scotland and Northern Ireland, No Win No Fee does what it says on the tin: if you don’t win, you don’t pay.

When discussing your claim, our advisers will be able to assess whether these exceptions apply to you. We’ll always be transparent, so you can be confident that we won’t land you with any hidden costs.

Our guide, ‘Are there any catches to No Win No Fee?’ explains more.

Offered or accepted an insurance pay out?

If you have been made an offer but haven’t accepted it, we would advise that you seek a second opinion on whether that offer is appropriate enough for the severity of accident you have had, our advisors will happily help you with this. However, if you have already accepted an offer then unfortunately there is nothing further we can do.

How likely am I to win a No Win No Fee case?

It depends on the individual circumstances around your claim. Our advisors, who are trained to the highest standard, will discuss the details of your case with you and assess the likelihood it will succeed. This will be discussed with you in your initial phone call so that your time is not wasted.

Injured and want to make a No Win No Fee claim?

If the accident was not your fault, you may have a No Win No Fee claim. By discussing your accident with one of our trained advisors we can assess whether you have a claim, and will be able to find a specialist solicitor to suit your needs.

Can I claim on behalf of someone else?

Yes, if you are a parent, guardian or close family member you can claim on behalf of someone else if they are either under 18 years old, or considered a 'protected party', who is mentally incapable of making their own decision.  Read more about how to claim on someone else's behalf

What percentage do solicitors take?

Our solicitors may take up to 25% of any compensation they win for you. However, they will discuss the exact percentage that will be deducted prior to any work happening. At this stage you are under no obligation to choose a First4Lawyers solicitor.

Who pays the other sides costs?

As part of a conditional fee arrangement, any costs are covered by either arranging an insurance policy, or by using any existing legal expenses cover you may have. The solicitor will discuss any need for, and the suitability of, any insurance with you.

How do I compare No Win No Fee solicitors?

Our claims team will be able to assess your claim and match you with an expert solicitor who specialises in your type of claim. You can rest assured that as Claims Management Company of the Year 2012, 2013 and 2015 we will provide you with the best service, our trust pilot score of 9 for our reviews is also testament to the many satisfied customers we work with.

Can I make a No Win No Fee claim for medical negligence?

Yes, in England and Wales. However, in Scotland there may be some cases in which No Win No Fee does not apply, and unfortunately in Northern Ireland you cannot claim for medical negligence on a No Win No Fee basis. Your solicitor will be able to discuss this further with you, and will answer any questions you have before you decide if you would like to proceed.

Can I make a No Win No Fee claim for a road traffic accident?

Yes, although the level of insurance you have may effect this (i.e. if you have legal cover). It is best to speak to one of our expert advisors, who will be able to assess your claim on its individual merits.

Does No Win No Fee apply to accidents at work?

Yes, if you were in an accident at work that was as a result of negligence, or was not your fault, you may have a No Win No Fee claim. Our advisors are expertly trained and will be able to assess this fully with you, before assigning you a specialist accident at work solicitor. 

What are the rules for No Win No Fee in Northern Ireland?

You can still make a medical negligence or personal injury claim if you live in Northern Ireland, but there isn’t a No Win No Fee policy available.

However, we still will review your case for free and advise you on what claim we believe you can make in your circumstances, including the associated costs.

I’m making a claim in Scotland, what does it mean for me?

Personal injury claims in Scotland can be carried out using a No Win No Fee arrangement in the same manner as in England and Wales.

However, contingency fee agreements cannot be applied to medical negligence claims in Scotland. We are still happy to discuss your circumstances free of charge, and provide you with advice for your next steps.