Construction site accidents

Building sites are dangerous places and serious accidents can happen if the correct health and safety laws aren’t followed.

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Builders, construction workers, brick layers, plasterers, roofers and plumbers face many dangers, and accidents on building sites are not uncommon.  In 2017/18 there was an estimated 2,620 construction workers injured (pdf) and almost half a million working days lost.

Types of construction site accidents

The most common causes of accident in the construction industry are:

  • Slip and trip injuries
  • Falling from height
  • Injuries from machinery
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Electric shocks

Whatever the accident, if you’ve been injured because your employer, or person responsible for the site, didn’t do everything they could to make it safe, then you may have a compensation claim.

Why make a construction site accident claim?

If you’ve been injured and it’s affecting your life, your ability to work or your future, then making a claim could provide the financial assistance and support you need to see you through.

Equally, if your employer has failed to provide a safe working environment, then they have been negligent in their duty of care to you and other workers.

Your employer should have insurance that will cover them for this kind of event. More about making a claim

How can First4Lawyers help?

We have the legal knowledge and experience to make sure your claim is submitted with the minimum of fuss for you.  This means you can concentrate on recovering while we do the work and liaise with all parties on your behalf.

Our No Win No Fee* service means that, should your claim be unsuccessful, you pay no legal fees.

About No Win No Fee

Only pay a fee if you receive compensation

Where we offer No Win No Fee services typically customers pay 25% of the amount recovered by our solicitors, although this will be subject to your individual circumstances and the actual fee may be less than this but it will never be more. Success fees are common practice and they were introduced when the law changed in April 2013.

How much compensation will I receive for a construction site claim?

That very much depends on your injury, the situation and the severity.  Check our compensation calculator for examples of payouts for various types of injury, determined by the Judicial College Guidelines.

Is there a time limit for making a claim?

Generally speaking, a personal injury claim should be made within three years of the date of the accident.  The rules for industrial diseases are slightly different, but get in touch and we’ll be able to advise you on your particular circumstances.

I think I have a claim, what do I do next?

It’s simple – just get in touch or request a callback and we can take it from there.

We will ask you a few questions about the accident, your injury and the circumstances in which it happened.  Then we can tell you whether or not you have a claim.

You can then decided what you want to do.  No pressure, no obligation.

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