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Find a resolution to a contract dispute with First4Lawyers

We understand all the stress and strain it can cause when you enter into a contract and the other party doesn’t keep their end of the bargain.

That’s why at First4Lawyers we provide solicitors who specialise in contract law and civil disputes – to get a fair outcome for people like you.

Contract disputes can arise over transactions you have entered into and services you agreed on. These types of rows can be time consuming and taxing. In fact, they can often be the only thing on your mind. But you do have rights and there are steps you can take to rectify any problems.

What are contract disputes?

A contract dispute is a disagreement arising from a transaction involving two or more parties. The reasons for contract disputes are extremely varied, but may include – or relate to:

  • Faulty electrical goods.
  • Second-hand vehicles.
  • Poor quality workmanship from tradesman, e.g. plumbers, builders, electricians.
  • Non-delivery of purchased goods.
  • Warranty disputes.
  • Incorrect utility bills.
  • Rejected insurance claims.

Contract disputes normally have grounds in civil law because the civil courts deal with cases that don’t involve criminal actions.

I don’t want to go to court – are there other ways to settle a contract dispute?

Yes. This may involve mediation as the principle method of what the law describes as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

This requires the involvement of a neutral third party (mediator) to help reach a compromise between the parties involved in the dispute. Mediators do not decide the outcome of the dispute. Instead, they:

  • Ask questions to help uncover underlying problems.
  • Help the parties involved to understand the issues.
  • Clarify the options for resolving the dispute.

Other methods of resolution, sometimes regarded as forms of ADR, include arbitration and adjudication. However, while these methods involve a third party as a means of resolution, they are actually more similar to the court process. This is because they can actually impose a settlement on the parties involved.

Do our solicitors need to be involved if we opt for mediation?

Not necessarily, but seeking help and advice from a solicitor with expert knowledge of contract law could be of great help. This will be especially true if the issues involved in your case are emotive or complex and require someone who knows the legal detail to look for.

Using lawyers with experience in civil litigation may help to resolve matters swiftly and without the need for court proceedings. First4Lawyers can match your case to an experienced solicitor who will work for the resolution you want.

I can’t settle a contract dispute – should I go to court?

If you are unable to settle a contract dispute, you should decide whether it is in your best interests to go to court. In some cases, it may be necessary to issue court proceedings to ensure that you recover your losses and you receive the right level of compensation.

For example, if you have a strong case, you may receive a settlement that is proportionate to both the financial cost of the dispute and the issues that led to the case, as well as the distress you have been through as a result.

I want to settle a contract dispute – what should I do?

It is best to start by thinking about what you want to achieve and then consider your options in line with those aims.

Here at First4Lawyers, we can help assess your options and take on much of the burden of the dispute process. With our expert solicitors, you can have peace of mind and get on with the things in life that really matter.

So whether you want a mediator to help reach a quick resolution, or you’re thinking of handing over control to a judge in a civil court – First4Lawyers can help you reach the outcome you desire.

Contact us today for professional, helpful advice from solicitors who have your needs in mind.

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