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Mr Bell received £2,600


Published, June 27, 2018

Mr J Bell received £2,600 after an accident that left him with whiplash.

Mr Bell was driving to pick up his children when a car, that had previously been parked, went into the side of his vehicle.

He suffered a neck injury and whiplash, and as a result of this pain and discomfort had to miss work for a number of weeks as he couldn't lift, push or pull anything.

Following his accident Mr Bell found First4Lawyers after a quick Google search and gave us a call. We put him in touch with a solicitor who specialised in road traffic accidents, and he was awarded £2,600 as well as physiotherapy treatment.

Mr Bell says: "First4Lawyers explained my options clearly to me, and they were friendly and helpful. I felt that they were excellent and I would definitely tell friends and family to give them a call if they needed to".